Saturday, April 6, 2013

Subway—Healthy Personal Life

Subway was founded in the state of Connecticut in 1965. The key determinant that drove to their fame was the production of 12-inches (30cm) and 6 inches (15cm) sub sandwiches. In modern times, Subway has opened 39,143 stores in 102 foreign countries. It is without question that Subway is the largest successful sandwich franchise organizations in the world. Subway is also the world’s second-largest single-brand fast food franchise chain. In addition, Subway has been recognized as the first global franchise in the top 500 franchise organizations by the United States “Entrepreneur” magazine. Subway has become one of the dominant market leaders in the fast food industry, both domestically and internationally.

How did Subway successfully create a price less perceived value towards consumers? The key is the message that Subway conveys, which is to provide healthy, nutritious, fresh and delicious food. In North America, Subway advertisements are everywhere such as billboards, TV ads, bus boards, and other forms of advertisements. To support their message, Subways perpetually advertises that seven Subway sandwiches contain less than 6 grams of fat. It is does not take long for consumers to portray Subway as a healthy fast food company.

There are standard guidelines that exist in every Subway restaurant. When you enter, you will find a unified decoration design, menu, and family-like customer service, which allows customers to fully enjoy the unique experience of Subway culture. These characteristics create a correlation between sandwiches and Subway restaurants in consumers’ minds.

There are two open service concepts that subway strictly enforces known as the “Three seconds smile” and “three minutes” rule. These concepts illustrate that customers can rely on Subway to provide the most thoughtful and quick service. Three seconds service means all employees at the antechamber must smile and greet customers when they come to the restaurant. The three minutes rule is the amount of time it takes for an employee to build a customer’s sandwich should be three minutes maximum.

Subway restaurants are very popular in many countries within Europe and the United States. In order to gain a larger percentage in market share, Subway plans to expand their brand in the Asian market. 


  1. Do you believe subway restaurants are really as healthy as people think? Some sandwiches do say they are 6g of fat, but that is until you get almost every kind of dressing on them and it is then definitely more than 6g of fat. Could this be seen as false or misleading advertising?

  2. I agree with Jordan. And is the reference to fat enough? What about calories of those sandwiches?
    Btw, can you find English sources for the post? The site does not help your readers much.