Monday, April 22, 2013

In-N-Out--Fast Food Experiences

The first time I ate a burger at In-N-Out was during my San Diego vacation. I was told that In-N-Out burger is the most delicious hamburger in California. The burger looks like “open laugh” because of the hamburger shape. I was driven by curiosity and decided to go and try it. The popularity of the In-N-Out restaurant is beyond my imagination. There were the long queues whether it is driving through or inside of the restaurant.

When I ordered, I was surprised that there are only four kinds of packages in the menu you can choose. As the first time eating in In-N-Out, I think its menu is too simple comparing to other fast food restaurant. In fact, there are some secret choices which are not showed on the menu. In-N-Out called its “not-so-secret menu” which means customers could order as much meat as they wanted. After one customer ordered 100 meats in the burger, the maximum of order of meat is limited by four. The goal of this service is to satisfied their customers and make them happy to eat.
In the In-N-Out restaurant, customers can easily find how their burgers and French fries are producing without freezing ingredients. From my personal experience, I saw that employee used cutting machines to cut fresh potatoes by hands. After employees cut the potatoes into strips, they began to the fry potatoes as the next step. The whole process of producing French fries is clearly seen by my eyes. I think it is an important strategy for In-N-Out to make their producing line variable for customers. It is no doubt that this strategy could help In-N-Out increase their customers’ trust in their fresh food permission. In my personal opinion, In-N-Out burger tastes more delicious than the burgers at McDonald’s and Burger King.


  1. I would have to say that I think the reasons for In-N-Out's success is exactly because the menu's are so simple. They do not give you that many options, they basically tell you what to eat; which makes the customer think about the experience as simply delicious and easy.

    It's not like it really matters but I think it's stupid that someone had to do that "100 burgers in one experience" so they had to remove this from the menu. Even though people would never even order 20 of them, people like availabilty.

  2. In-N-Out offer the simple choice which are so delicious and fresh.

  3. I wonder if they are holding back on expanding just to build up the brand! I mean all Americans know the brand though they are only in what? 6 states or something like that.

    Btw. great burger :)

  4. So being from California I know In-n-Out very well. I have never been a fan of their fries ever actually until recently last summer I have been doing animal style on them to give them a little extra kick. Do you think that the fries normal right out of the fryer are as good or even better than another burger chain such as Wendy's or MacDonalds? Cuz in all honesty I don't think they are.